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About me: A scientist with a successful greencard application

My name is Oscar and I am just a scientist who a few years ago decided to apply for EB2 NIW permanent residency in the US. Even though I had no other help than a couple of friends who had gone through similar processes, and what I could find online, I ended up sending my application to USCIS.

No lawyers. No high commissions, or long waits. Just the government fees and the processing time as published in the official bulletins. I received my approval in a few months. In this website I tell you more about my case and about this green card category.

I have direct experience with the following visas and green cards: J-1, F-1, F-1 on OPT, H-1B, EB-2 NIW and EB-1. As you can see, I had quite the experience with the US immigration system! 


What can you find here?

In this site I will compile all the information I wish I had when I started this journey of Green Card petitioning. You can also find me on my YouTube channel Oscar’s Green Card

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Not legal advice

I am a scientist, not a lawyer. This website is just for educational, motivational purposes, and is not legal advice. You are free to use this information at your own risk. 

Latest Posts

Screenshot USCIS website expands premium processing
USCIS expands Premium Processing for EB2 NIW further
September 2022 – A few months ago we were talking in this blog about how USCIS was aiming for an expansion of Premium Processing to categories of green card that did not have this option....
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count, banknotes, business-3125587.jpg
How to pay the EB2 NIW fees to USCIS? Many green card applicants asked me how to pay the EB2 NIW fees to USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).  The answer can be found in the official source:...
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Screenshot of form ETA-9089
Labor Certification form for EB2 NIW: ETA-750 or ETA-9089?
In the EB2 NIW category, the petitioner does not need a labor certification (also referred to as PERM). However, the form relative to this PERM process needs to be enclosed in the I-140 petition together...
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Personal statement for EB2 NIW - Photo by Cytonn Photography
Personal Statement for EB2 NIW
When preparing the cover letter for the I-140 petition, it is important to gather and present as much information and evidence as possible. Remember that the I-140 is not just the form, but the whole petition...
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Separate or concurrent EB2 NIW filing
Concurrent or separate EB2 NIW application?
As for other types of green card petitions, EB2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) allows concurrent or separate I-140 and I-485 filings. In this article, we will learn what these two options are and what...
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EB-1A vs EB-2 NIW
EB-1A vs EB-2 NIW : Similarities and Differences
The EB-1A and EB-2 NIW green card categories share similarities such as allowing self-petitioning and requiring high skill levels, but display some differences like wait times, different standards for...
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picture of 2 hole punch
How to assemble the I-140 petition for EB2 NIW In this blog post, we will cover how to assemble the I-140 petition for EB2 NIW. This can be especially interesting for those of you thinking about a do-it-yourself petition....
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Scientific Papers
Publications and citations for NIW green card
In this article, we will cover one of the most frequently asked questions for researchers that are considering applying for this green card: how many publications and citations for NIW? If you want, your...
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EB2 NIW cover letter picture
EB2 NIW cover letter : what it is and how to prepare one To obtain a National Interest Waiver, a petitioner should provide the evidence to fulfill the requirements. Under EB2 NIW the US government waives the need for...
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EB2 NIW Recommendation Letters screenshot
A guide to EB2 NIW Recommendation Letters
Screenshot of EB2 NIW Recommendation LetterThe letters of recommendation for a National Interest Waiver green card application are an important tool to strengthen your case. These letters are technically...
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Scan of Request for Evidence (RFE) letter
How to respond to a Request for Evidence (RFE)
What is a Request for Evidence? Request for Evidence, or RFE, is a letter in which the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) asks for more information. In other words, the officer...
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EB-2 approval rate image of thumbs up
What is the EB-2 approval rate?
Approval and denial rates for EB-2 green card petitions (I-140) The EB-2 approval rate is high, an average of 93%, according to USCIS data. Depending on the year, the I-140 approval rate for this...
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