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In this section I will write about key topics related to green card applications. More specifically, I will touch on important areas related to EB-2 National Interest Waiver issues, such as cost, processing time, premium processing, similarities and differences with other GC categories, specific examples of eligible profiles…

In summary, I will try to go over the things I wish I knew when I started the process of putting together my own application. I applied for my green card in 2019 with no attorneys and I had to navigate the world of USCIS with what I found online and help from friends. Now it is the time for me to share the knowledge I gained through that process.

In addition, if you have ideas for any niche you would like to learn more about, please let me know by sending us a message in the Contact page. I would love to hear your feedback.

By the way, if you are looking for a way to follow the latest news by USCIS, I can’t recommend their Twitter account enough. However, keep in mind that they are not exclusively about our favorite EB-2 NIW greencard category.

Enjoy the reading!

Most recent blog posts:

ETA-9089 form new version
New version of ETA-9089 form
Screenshot of new version of ETA-9089 The Department of Labor has released a statement announcing they will finally issue a new version of form ETA-9089. This form is known as the Application for Labor Certification and EB-2 NIW applicants need to include it in their petition package.  I say “finally” because the current version...
Retrogression visa bulletin
Understanding Retrogression: What It Means, Why It Happens, and How to Manage It
What is Retrogression? In this blog post, we will discuss the concept of retrogression. Retrogression generally means “the process of returning to an earlier state, typically a worse one”, according to Google. In the context of the green card process, retrogression refers to the backward movement of priority dates, resulting in a longer...
Azeez success story EB2 NIW civil engineer
EB2 NIW Success Story: Azeez, a civil engineering PhD student
Azzez’s story is one of a Do-It-Yourself man. He clearly has no fear about taking his matters into his own hands. And he did exactly that with his immigration future, when he decided to apply for an EB2 NIW green card all by himself.  He used online resources, such as the USCIS website and my YouTube channel, to educate himself about...
Mohamed EB2 NIW success story
EB2 NIW Success Story: Mohamed, a finance expert
Mohamed is a financial expert from Egypt. He has over a decade of experience in big projects supporting the industry. This article is a summary of the conversation I had with him for my YouTube channel. In the interview, I asked him about his profile, his proposed endeavor for the United States, what type of evidence he used, his timeline and what advice...
Domestic visa renewal pilot program
Domestic visa renewal for H-1B and L visas in 2023
The State Department has announced that they will implement a pilot plan to allow H and L visa holders to renew their visas in American soil, Bloomberg Law reports. Until now, visa holders had to travel abroad when their visas were expired or close to expiration. In their home countries, they would request and schedule an interview appointment in their...
Alfred NIW success story teacher STEM
EB2 NIW success story: Alfred a teacher on STEM
Alfred is a high school teacher with a focus on STEM (which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). In this article we go over an interview I recorded with Alfred for my YouTube channel, which I will also leave at the end of the blog post. In summary, Alfred obtained his EB2 NIW approval is less than two months with regular processing, which...
New green card design by USCIS
USCIS releases new green card design
The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced that it will be issuing a new green card and EAD (employment authorization document) design on January 30, 2023. In a press release, the immigration agency argues that this change will be beneficial in terms of security, as the new design incorporates more modern features...
Workers laid off in 2022-2023 source layoffs.fyi
Layoffs and H-1B visas: how to protect yourself
In the recent few months, the United States is going through a layoff wave that has affected hundreds of companies and thousands of workers. According to the website layoffs.fyi, more than 68,000 employees were laid off in January 2023 from 200+ companies in the tech sector alone. Some of the most well-known organizations engaging in these practices...
green card petition in one week?
An EB-2 NIW petition in one week?
I receive multiple emails and Youtube comments every single day. Recently, I have been getting messages in which readers or viewers say they want to file an EB2 NIW (National Interest waiver) petition within one week. So I think it is time to stop and think: is it really doable an realistic to believe one can file a green card petition in only seven...
Premium Processing for EB2 NIW Screenshot from USCIS website
USCIS fully implements Premium Processing for EB2 NIW
USCIS announced on January 12, 2023 that they are making Premium Processing fully available for green card applicants filing under the EB2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) category, as well as those under the EB-1C category for Multinational Executives and Managers. Premium Processing for EB2 NIW will cost $2,500 and will guarantee a decision in 45 calendar...
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