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Take advantage of a real case study! Download an I-140 Petition for EB2 NIW

Are you planning on your EB2 NIW petition? If you are looking for a do-it-yourself solution,  this is the place. You can benefit from my own real  case! I have organized all the files pertaining the I-140 petition and they are now available for download. This DIY application is a 200-page document that includes all the pieces you need to put together your own case. In this link you can verify that I obtained approval for the NIW I-140 submission. By downloading any of the materials from this website you accept these Terms / Disclaimer. Note: Downloads are final and no reimbursements are made.


Why should you download it?

In short…because it may be useful to you!

Don’t you wish you could read somebody else’s real I-140 application, so you can draft the perfect application package for yourself?

We all have different profiles. For example, I am a scientist in the biotech field. You may be also a scientist but in a different area, or you may be a medical doctor, or a materials engineer. Perhaps you are an architect working on sustainable buildings, or a software engineer developing cutting edge programs. 

Whoever you are and what your profession may be: you are the person that knows your profile the best, so you can make the best case for yourself. But you need to know where to start and how to organize your evidence.

My I-140 EB2 NIW application can help you see how another person structured his successful submission. This way you can learn from it and deliver an application that maximizes your chances of success

What will you get?

The I-140 application (top left) includes 200 pages:

  • Filled forms I-140 and 9089.
  • Petition Cover letter. This is a 26-page document that articulates the petition. As such, It touches on all the requirements that I thought I could fulfill during my EB2 NIW application. In summary, this cover letter brings all the evidence together, it’s the story that I crafted for the USCIS officer to review all the evidence that I submitted as Exhibits. [check out the post about cover letters here]
  • Letters of recommendation. 6 letters, including 3 “independent advisory opinions” or objective recommendations [check out the blog post about Letters of Recommendations here].
  • Curriculum Vitae. A copy of the CV I included with my petition, so you can see what level of detail I used.
  • Justification for substantial merit and US National Interest. Concrete documents from various sources that I used to back up my claim that my work was of substantial merit and aligned with areas of National Interest for the United States.
  • Multiple other attachments (organized in 21 exhibits) that I used to make my case as solid as possible. For example, evidence of commanding higher salary, citation records and quality of journals I published in, evidence of serving as reviewer in journals, other accomplishments, and other important documents (such as the government forms
In the I-140 e-book (top right) I organized the most important information I prepared for this website, I organized it and put it together in a way that flows well. In these 50+ pages I also added a few exclusive examples from my own petition so you can understand better how and why I did things. If you get both the DIY EB2 NIW e-book and my petition you can move back and forth to get a better understanding of the I-140 for EB2 NIW.
New! Adjustment of Status – Are you in the United States and need more information about how to prepare your Adjustment of Status petition? Download my I-485 package to see a useful example. It includes a 20+ page guide covering the main parts and pieces to help you navigate this step.
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Customer reviews

I found Oscar’s petition very useful to get ideas on how to structure my own petition. I bought the version with word files so I will be using the structure as blueprint for my own petition.
Daniel, Chile
PDF/Word with I-140 petition for EB2 NIW
Oscar's petition provided me with superb insights into the NIW application process, it expanded my scope of evidence for my application and above all, was easy and intuitive to use.
P.O, North Carolina
PDF/Word with I-140 petition for EB2 NIW

They got an approval and used this website!

Contact us if you have any questions!

If you think you would benefit from a face-to-face conversation please contact us below. I also offer a support service during your DIY preparation, check it out in the Services section of the website.

Please note: I am not a lawyer and this is not my primary occupation.

I will not respond to questions such as:

  • “Do I qualify?” It is up to you to get the information about this green card category (this website has a lot!) and decide if you can meet the requirements.
  • “Hi, my name is XYZ and I have a Masters from University of ABC and 10 years of experience…will I get the EB2 NIW green card?”. I don’t have all your details (and I don’t want them) and it is your responsibility to figure out if you qualify. Otherwise, there are lawyers that can give you their professional opinion.
  • “Can I have your phone number for Whatsapp/Telegram?”.
  • “I need help with the application”. While I empathize with you because I was in your situation… I do not have the time to personally help everyone. That is why I created this site. Please look around and find the information you need here or on my YouTube channel. You can download my own petition and the only Service I provide can be found in the Services tab on top of the website.