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Oscar Pardo

My name is Oscar Pardo and I am a scientist. I created this website to help others understand the EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) green card category. 

I also have a YouTube channel (Oscar’s Green Card) where I cover all about green card categories in which you can self-petition including EB2 NIW and EB-1A.

As a scientist, my career has focused on process development in the field of bioprocessing and biopharma. I spent a few years in Academia before transitioning to the private sector in the state of Massachusetts. If you are really interested on my academic research, you can check out my Google Scholar profile...although I must warn you that I have not published at all after joining a private company.

I do have a YouTube video where I talk about my green card journey as an applicant of two different green card categories. Yes, I have experience in the EB2 NIW category as a self-petitioner and also in the EB1 category using my company’s lawyers. In the video I tell you about it and also how I got the two petitions approved!

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