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Please read before sending a message:

Unfortunately I can no longer reply to all emails due to limited availability;

☑ E-mails I will do my best to reply ASAP:

  • You have an issue with a digital product or course that needs resolution.
  • You have purchased one of my digitial products and want to upgrade to my course.
  • You are reaching out to let me know the outcome of your petition (I love those emails!).
  • You are writing to give feedback on a product or service.
  • Any other type of email I have not listed here that is not spam

✖ These are the messages I will NOT reply:

  • If you are contacting me to get your profile evaluated (I don’t do evaluations)
  • If you want me to prepare your petition (I don’t prepare petitions)
  • If you wanted an express review and the calendar on the website ( does not show availability (I open a few spots each month and if they are not showing, it means they are gone…and no, I can’t make exceptions)
  • If you are asking for case-specific advice (I am not a lawyer. If you want to learn how to put together your petition, including all documents and forms, check out my online course: )
  • If you are in my course/purchased my product) and wanted to ask a question in private (I don’t provide email support..if you are in my course you can absolutely submit a question through the course platform)
  • You are emailing to get the contact info from a person I interviewed in the YouTube channel, or want their contact info or a copy of their petition (I don’t provide any of this info as it is private).

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