EB2 NIW Success Story: Abhi, a cybersecurity expert

Abhi EB2 NIW

In this post, we will talk about Abhi, an expert in cybersecurity, who got his I-140 for an EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) green card approved in just two weeks. 

We will look into how he did this, how he showed his endeavor is important for America, how he showed he’s qualified, and his advice for others planning to go through this process.

Abhi contacted me through the Instagram page “Oscar’s Green Card” to let me know of his approval and volunteer to be featured on the YouTube channel. If you also want to tell your story to the community, you can email me at oscar (at) eb2niw.info or using the Contact form on this website.

Abhi’s Background and Skills

Abhi got his Master’s degree in Cybersecurity in the United States in 2016. Soon after, he started working as security engineer for different tech companies in the San Francisco area, acquiring more skills and knowledge. He had also worked in that field in his home country of Nepal before coming to the US, so he had over eight years of experience in cybersecurity at the time of filing. In the sections immediately below we will look at how he argued his adherence to the Matter of Dhanasar prongs.

Prong 1: Substantial Merit and National Importance

Why Cybersecurity is important for the United States

To put together his application successfully, Abhi had to show that cybersecurity and his endevor specifically, is crucial for America. He did this by describing the plans of the U.S. government, the President’s speeches, and new rules and policies from public agencies. He pointed out that the U.S. government is going to invest more in cybersecurity in the coming years. Abhi also talked about how cyber-attacks can affect companies, and eventually the country’s economy and national security.

Prong 2: Well positioned to advance the proposed endeavor

Showcasing his skills and achievements in Cybersecurity

Abhi had to prove that he has special skills in cybersecurity, above average compared to other peers. Here, he used the exceptional ability criteria list from USCIS to guide him in putting together his argument for prong 2. Even without a Ph.D., articles, or citations, he managed to make his case strong to win the EB2 NIW green card. He talked about his successes, like taking part in special professional competitions and getting grants from private companies for his superior expertise. 

Abhi also wrote blog posts that were picked up by a very prominent news media organization like Business Insider; so he could show to USCIS his relevance in the field through those media appearances. He also showed that he earns more than others in his field in his geographical area, which USCIS can see as a recognition from the field for his exceptional expertise.

Having a Good Professional and Business Plan

In Abhi’s green card application, he included a well-thought-out business plan. The central idea of his professional plan was to plan to discover and research new types of cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities and figure out ways to fix them. He also talked about personal development like continue attending and speaking at professional conferences or growing his personal brand. 

He proposed to offer his services to government entities as well as private companies on a contract basis. That way he would not be limited to just one organization, which would make the National Interest Waiver an appropriate choice for him, compared to getting a regular employment-based green card tied to a single employer. Additionally, this plan shows the potential that his work and endeavor have to impact the field more broadly, beyond a company.

Working with Lawyers for EB2 NIW: Abhi’s experience

Abhi worked with immigration lawyers during his green card process. The lawyers provided a template for him to supply all the necessary information and writing most of the content that would then go to the final documents. The lawyers mainly focused on checking and editing the application to make sure it was in line with the rules of the U.S. immigration service. 

Abhi mentioned that if an applicant has the drive and the time to take care of the whole process, they can try that. Hiring a lawyer is a deep personal decision that will depend on multiple factors, including the petitioner’s financial situation (immigration attorneys are very expensive).

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If you need step-by-step guidance, I will provide a series of video lessons that cover how to qualify for the 3 prongs, how to write a solid cover letter, recommendation letters, professional plan, how to fill out forms... And you will get my own successful I-140 petition and adjustment of status package!

Abhi’s special case: concurrent Adjustment of Status

Recently, there is a backlog in the EB-2 green card category, which makes concurrent I-140 and I-485 filing not possible to new applicants. We have even seen retrogression in the Visa Bulletin! However, Abhi was able to file concurrently because of his unique situation. Abhi benefited from the so-called priority date portability, from a previous I-140 application to his EB2 NIW petition. A previous employer had started a green card process, so he could use his earlier priority date and claim his right to file adjustment of status. An interesting and effective way of bypassing months of wait!

Harnessing Resources and Strategies for a Successful NIW Application

Abby leveraged various resources to understand the NIW process better. These included the USCIS website, past denied cases, artificial intelligence chatbots such as ChatGPT, YouTube channels, and free evaluation reports from immigration lawyers. Abby’s journey is an excellent example of how crucial it is to educate oneself and understand the application process.

Abhi´s tips to EB2 NIW petitioners

  • Focus on Proving Exceptional Ability: To meet the second prong of the NIW requirements, demonstrate exceptional ability in your field. Identify the criteria relevant to your area of expertise and work towards meeting as many of them as possible. Emphasize your accomplishments, contributions, and impact in your field.
  • Be Creative and Strengthen Your Profile: Depending on your field, find ways to strengthen your profile over time. Publish papers, secure relevant certifications, participate in projects, or join professional societies.
  • Continuously work on improving your qualifications and impact.
  • Utilize Available Resources: Take advantage of resources such as USCIS websites, artifial intelligence chats, and YouTube channels dedicated to immigration topics. These resources can provide valuable insights, explanations, and examples to help you navigate the application process effectively.
  • Learn from Denied Cases: Study past denied cases to identify common mistakes and weaknesses in applications. By understanding what to avoid, you can strengthen your own application and increase your chances of success. You can find denied cases in the AAO (Administrative Appeals Office) website.
  • Consider the Long-Term Plan: If you don’t currently meet all the requirements for an NIW application, don’t get discouraged. Assess what aspects of your profile you can work on to meet the criteria in the future. Develop a long-term plan to improve your qualifications and maximize your chances of success.


In the end, Abhi’s story is inspiring and shows that success is possible with hard work, smart planning, and patience. Remember that everyone’s journey is different, so it’s important to learn and get advice from many sources. We hope Abhi’s journey helps you understand the process better and gives you hope for your own journey towards permanent residency in the United States with an EB2 NIW green card.

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