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About me: A scientist with a successful greencard application

My name is Oscar and I am just a scientist who a few years ago decided to apply for EB2 NIW permanent residency in the US. Even though I had no other help than a couple of friends who had gone through similar processes, and what I could find online, I ended up sending my application to USCIS.

No lawyers. No high commissions, or long waits. Just the government fees and the processing time as published in the official bulletins. I received my approval in a few months. In this website I tell you more about my case and about this green card category.

I have direct experience with the following visas and green cards: J-1, F-1, F-1 on OPT, H-1B, EB-2 NIW and EB-1. As you can see, I had quite the experience with the US immigration system! 


What can you find here?

In this site I will compile all the information I wish I had when I started this journey of Green Card petitioning. You can also find me on my YouTube channel Oscar’s Green Card

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Not legal advice

I am a scientist, not a lawyer. This website is just for educational, motivational purposes, and is not legal advice. You are free to use this information at your own risk. 

Latest Posts

Cristina EB2 NIW success mental health
EB2 NIW success: Cristina, a mental health counselor
Cristina was born in Venezuela and is also a European citizen. She is a mental health counselor who recently received approval from USCIS for an I-140 in the EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) green card...
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Pasha, smart manufacturing engineer who obtained an EB2 NIW approval without lawyer
Pasha, a smart manufacturing engineer
Pasha is a Russian PhD student in SMART manufacturing engineering in North Carolina. Even before graduating as a Doctor he decided to pursue an EB2 NIW green card by himself, without a lawyer, so he and...
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USCIS fee increase summary table
USCIS increases all fees: the effect on EB2 NIW
We knew it since January 2023: USCIS had plans to increase processing fees all across the board. The final rule is now public and in this article we will discuss the main changes and how the fee increase...
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Approval rates per quarter in Fiscal Years 2022 and 2023
EB2 NIW Approval Rates are going down
USCIS has issued the data for I-140 approvals for the full Fiscal Year 2023 that ended in September 2023. The agency publishes this data on a quarterly basis and it is a good way to follow trends on percentage...
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EB2 NIW Success Story: Ali, securing the Internet of Things
Ali is a cybsercurity professional who recently obtained his I-140 approval towards an EB2 NIW green card. In this category, the petitioner must prove he is an advanced degree holder (or a person of extraordinary...
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Premium Processing fees increase in 2024
The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced that Premium Processing fees will increase in 2024. This increase will take into account the inflation rate from June 2021 to...
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B1B2 visa
Applying for EB2 NIW on a visitor B1/B2 visa Many of my YouTube subscribers have asked me if it is a good idea to come to the United States on a visitor visa and  submit an EB2 NIW I-140 application, to...
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Screenshot of Table A in January 2024 visa bulletin
EB2 dates advance in January 2024 Visa Bulletin
Good news for EB-2 (which includes EB2 NIW) in the upcoming January 2024 visa bulletin you can consult here. Dates move forward significantly and that means that applicants waiting to adjust status...
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Top 10 countries by number of EB2 NIW approvals in each quarter
Top 10 countries by number of EB2 NIW approvals
In my previous blog post I went over the percentage of approvals and denials in Fiscal Year 2023. Using the same data source from USCIS, it is possible to rank the countries by number of accepted and approved...
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Percentage of approvals and denials by quarter
Approval rates for EB2 NIW in 2023
USCIS, the agency that deals with green card processing within the federal government, publishes statistics regularly. Unfortunately, they not always provide separate numbers for the National Interest...
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Premium Processing EB2 NIW (1)
Premium Processing for EB2 NIW: Should you use it?
I have been approached by many prospective applicants for EB-2 National Interest Waiver green card with the following question: Oscar, should I pay extra and use Premium Processing for EB2 NIW? In this...
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Visa Bulletin October 2023
The Visa Bulletin for October 2023 allows you to use Table B
October 2023 Visa Bulletin was released by Department of State and USCIS and it comes with some news.  On one hand, Table A (Final Action Dates) does not change much for most countries. In fact...
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